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Dentistry | Cosmetic Surgery | Albania Doctor

Albania Doctor medical center for dentistry and cosmetic surgery services.
Dental implants, dental prosthesis, cosmetic surgery of the face and body, hair transplant, weight loss surgery.

Albania Doctor is a medical center with a highly professional team  specialized in dentistry, plastic surgery, hair transplantation  and bariatic surgery for weight loss. Our many years of experience in the treatment of patients who come from afar has made Albania Doctor reliable, a point of reference in consultancy for dental care, for medical and health tourism, trichological tourism and aesthetic medicine tourism

Dental implants

Different ways can be used to replace a lost tooth, but dental implants are the best solution.

Free Care Plan

Free personalized and detailed care plan. List of dental treatments with prices that you will have to pay to the dentist.

Therapy  prosthetic

Techniques and materials  more and more reliable, and safe, which allow to meet the aesthetic and functional requests of each patient

Dental implants

Different ways can be used to replace a lost tooth, but dental implants are the best solution.

Free Care Plan

Free personalized and detailed care plan. List of dental treatments with prices that you will have to pay to the dentist.

Therapy  prosthetic

Techniques and materials  more and more reliable, and safe, which allow to meet the aesthetic and functional requests of each patient

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Take care of your oral health

A team of experts
Dentists you will love

Dentists you will love. A large team of experts with years of experience in all branches of dentistry. Always next to you to offer you the best dental care and services

UFO Dental Number one dental center in Albania

UFO dental Clinic accredited by the Albanian Ministry of Health, with a dental laboratory and many years of experience, offers a wide range of dental services 


UFO Dental Dental Center offers increasingly innovative treatments in the fields of preventive, restorative, periodontal and prosthetic dentistry and surgery 

Cosmetic (Plastic) Surgery in Albania

Albania Doctor is an active protagonist of medical tourism in Albania which is now a consolidated reality and which allows patients coming from Italy and other countries to entrust their aesthetic medicine treatments to our doctors in Albania, with highly convenient prices without giving up the quality.

Plastic surgery in Albania, based on the proven reliability and professionalism of our doctors, is so defined because medical care can easily be combined with a pleasant tourist trip to Albania. Albania Doctor offers free accommodation for their patients. During the stay, in addition to personalized care from the doctors, the patient will also be able to enjoy sufficient free time to dedicate to the numerous activities that Albania offers.

Cosmetic surgery in Albania.

Plastic surgery

Aesthetic surgery is a branch of plastic surgery that deals with correcting or improving blemishes, congenital defects present from birth or acquired caused by diseases, traumas or injuries or para physiological ones such as aging, in order to modify the shape of the human body and to restore the function of the tissues in order to improve its appearance from both a functional and aesthetic point of view.

Rhinoplasty in Albania


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that improves the aesthetic appearance of the nose, also known as nose reshaping surgery, it is performed to correct both functional imperfections, such as poor breathing, and aesthetic imperfections such as the presence of a hump on the nasal dorsum, respecting the symmetry and the harmony of the face

Hair transplant in Albania

Hair transplant

Hair loss is a physiological phenomenon, better known as androgenetic alopecia, linked to the gradual weakening of the hair regrowth cycle

Thanks to research and the discovery of new surgical techniques, hair transplantation has become a surgical procedure which, despite being very sophisticated, is not very demanding for the patient and can be carried out safely and with good success.

Bariatric surgery for obesity

Obesity surgery

Obesity is a medical condition that requires treatment to avoid long-term health problems. Bariatric surgery, or weight loss surgery, is a surgery to achieve significant weight loss that plays an important role in the treatment of obesity.

UFO Dental Albania Dent team

UFO Dental Clinic Dental Center. Services and performance  Dentistry in Albania

Dental Care , rediscover the health and beauty of a smile in Albania. Thanks to Albania Dent with the best UFO Dental dental clinic, the best specialists in dental care techniques you can trust for any dental intervention at low prices. We want our patients to feel at ease, in welcoming environments and in a friendly atmosphere, each session begins with the smile of our doctors and ends with the smile of our patients.​


Dental implantology is a branch of dentistry that consists of surgical techniques to insert dental implants in the mandibular or maxillary bone, or above it but under the gum, which in turn allow the connection of fixed or mobile prostheses.  to rehabilitate the chewing function of a patient who has lost one or more teeth.

Advanced dental implantology techniques, such as those practiced in the UFO Dental Polyclinic in Tirana, allow a permanent rehabilitation of chewing, ensuring an aesthetic result equal to that of natural teeth.

Artificial teeth are designed to replace real teeth that are missing both in terms of aesthetics and chewing function ...

Dental Implantology

Oral surgery

Dental surgery or oral surgery is a medical discipline that encompasses the set of surgical interventions related to the resolution of pathologies of the oral cavity for which a surgical approach is required. The main operations of odontostomatological surgery are;

extraction of teeth, including or partially included, apicoectomies, i.e. surgical removal of the root apex, maxillary sinus lift for operations such as grafts or implants, removal of cysts or tumors of the oral cavity. A dental surgery performed by specialized dentists such as the professionals of Albania Dent is essential to solve specific problems related to inflammatory processes ...

Oral Surgery - Albania Dent - UFO Dental Clinic

Dental aesthetics allows you to eliminate defects and imperfections of the smile in a non-invasive way and without any contraindications. UFO dental clinic in Albania, deal with the restoration of the beauty of the teeth and mouth, through the insertion of aesthetic veneers, also called lumineers, inlays and crowns on natural teeth or dental implants.

Dental aesthetics, or aesthetic dentistry , aims to obtain the ideal smile, give tone, smoothness and brightness to the face.

Thanks to modern technologies and cutting-edge materials, the aesthetic dentistry professionals of Albania Dent are able to make stained, crooked, decayed or chipped teeth natural ...

Cosmetic dentistry 

Cosmetic Dentistry - Dentists Albania

Dental prosthesis 

Dental prostheses are used to rehabilitate the oral functions of patients by replacing missing natural teeth with artificial dental elements. Removable prosthesis replaces part or the entire dental arch and can be removed by the patient in order to perform daily hygiene. Fixed dental prostheses allow you to replace missing or damaged teeth. They are fixed because they are applied permanently.

Fixed prostheses can be made on natural teeth or on dental implants and guarantee an optimal result both from a functional and an aesthetic point of view. There are partial or total fixed prostheses with implants, some teeth or all missing teeth ...

Fixed dental prosthetics, UFO Dental Clinic

Dental crown - dental capsule

The dental crown also called dental capsule is a solution that is often proposed by UFO Dental Clinic in Albania . The cost of the dental crown in Italy is such that many patients prefer to give up this solution, while in Albania the price is almost 60% less. The dental crown is a dental prosthesis that protects and completely covers a tooth or an implant. The goal is to effectively restore correct chewing function and aesthetic function. Let's see in detail the characteristics of this precious prosthetic support, the materials of which it can be made and in which cases it is recommended ...

Dental crown - Albania Dent - UFO Dental Clinic
Reception UFO Dental Clinic Tirana

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