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Dental care in Albania. Dental Implants, Dental Prosthetics, Implantology, Orthodontics, Aesthetic Dentistry.

UFO dental clinic offers its patients a wide range of dental services and professional treatments specialized in implantology, 3D guided oral surgery , conservative dentistry , mobile and fixed prostheses , aesthetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, invisible orthodontics , periodontology , oral hygiene and dental prophylaxis.

All the odontostomatological services and dental materials that we use in our clinic in Albania are of the highest quality, such as those used in Italy and Europe, at obviously lower prices .

Dental care UFO Dental Clinic
Implantology Dentale

Dental implantology 

Dental implantology is a branch of dentistry that consists of surgical techniques to insert dental implants in the mandibular or maxillary bone, or above it but under the gum, which in turn allow the connection of fixed or mobile prostheses.  to rehabilitate the chewing function of a patient who has lost one or more teeth. 

periodontology in Albania


Periodontology deals with the treatment and prevention of periodontal disease, more commonly called periodontitis  or even more known long ago as "pyorrhea". Periodontitis is in scientific term the inflammation of the periodontium.

Dental Prosthetics. UFO Dental Centre Albania

Dental prosthesis

Dental prostheses are used to rehabilitate the oral functions of patients by replacing missing natural teeth with artificial dental elements ... The total resin prosthesis called denture replaces one or both dental arches, resting only on the patient's mucous membranes and bone.

Dental crowns . Dental implants in Albania

Dental Crown - Dental Capsule

The dental crown is a solution that is often proposed by our dental clinics in Albania. The cost of the dental crown in Italy is such that many patients prefer to give up this solution, while in Albania the price is almost 60% less.

Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is the best solution for the prevention of many diseases and problems related to the oral cavity. Incorrect and inadequate hygiene in combination with daily nutrition leads to the formation of bacterial plaque.

Oral hygiene.
oral surgery in Albania

Oral surgery

Oral surgery, also called odontostomatological surgery, includes all surgical operations performed in the oral cavity. Main interventions of oral surgery and dental care applied by our dental clinics in Albania.

orthodontics in Albania


Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that studies anomalies in the constitution and position of the teeth trying to reduce the problems that could arise as a result of these malformations, causing difficulties in chewing.​

Aesthetic dentistry - Dental aesthetics

Aesthetic dentistry deals with dental aesthetics, with the terms of aesthetic dentistry we can mean the study and realization of dental restorations, prosthetic obtained through the creation of ideal shapes and colors, which although made necessary by dental problems such as fractures, caries or lack of teeth, restore or improve the aesthetic appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry
UFO Dental practice
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