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Breast implants - breast implants | breast cosmetic surgery in Albania

Typology of breast implants, shapes and insertion. How long do prostheses last, and can I replace them? How much do breast implants cost?

On this page you will find information aboutbreast prosthesis in the context of the most widespread surgical intervention in the world that ofbreast cosmetic surgery. Breast implants as medical devices are regulated by specific laws which contain the rules on breast implants, they are certified with the maximum quality and production controls.
Albania Doctoruses latest generation breast prostheses made of cohesive silicone gel, a very uniform material that avoids dispersion and inflammation in the event of a break.

Relying on Albania Doctor, as well as being synonymous with quality and safety, determines the beauty and success of the cosmetic surgery intervention

Types of breast implants. Albania Doctor

Types of breast implants

Breast implants currently in use are of different types which depends on each case individually and on the material used bearing in mind the physicality of the person, daily habits and age.

The most commonly used types of prostheses are:

  • Silicone gel breast prosthesis, more widespread for over 30 years.

  • Hydrogel breast implants

  • Breast implants with saline solution

Breast implantsthey do not cause cancer and they are not due to autoimmune diseases.

The surfaces of the breast prosthesis can have a smooth surface which sometimes favors the movement and rotation of the same, while the latest generation micro or macro textured breast implants have a rough surface which solves this problem and that is why they are the most used.

Forms of breast implants

The shapes of the prosthesesbreast are different according to the result to be obtained, the most common forms are:

  • Teardrop anatomical prosthesis. Ensures optimal results. They are the most requested. It is particularly indicated for women who want to increase the volume of the breasts while maintaining a more natural result.

  • Round symmetrical dentures, to make the breast full and voluminous. It is indicated for women with harmoniously shaped breasts with sagging breasts. Being symmetrical, there is no risk of implant rotation

  • Ergonomic prostheses they represent an excellent compromise between round and teardrop prostheses with the advantages of both. They are composed of gels with different cohesiveness and density parameters

  • B-Lite breast prosthesis of the latest generation with numerous advantages, they are coated in silicone gel that is 30% lighter than other types, guaranteeing more stable results over time and a rapid recovery, a lighter breast, greater ease in daily and sports movements

Breast implants. Albania Doctor

Insertion of the breast prosthesis

The breast prosthesis they are inserted in different ways in the breast according to the type of prosthesis and the patient's peculiarities. They can be placed under the pectoralis major muscle or under the mammary gland. Recently, the technique ofBreast augmentation dual plan, the positioning of the prosthesis must be done partly under the muscle and partly under the mammary gland.

  • Submammary insertion it is the most used method. The incision is made under the breast, the scar is visible even if hidden by the breast itself when supported.

  • Peri-areolar insertion it should be used for silicone and saline prostheses with the appropriate dimensions. In this way the scar is camouflaged in the color between the breast and the nipple.

  • Axillary insertion it must be applied to saline prostheses using an axillary cavity from which to introduce the cannula to insert the solution. in this case the prosthesis is inserted through the axillary area. Not recommended for thin women.

How long do breast implants last, can they be replaced or removed?

Breast implants last a lifetime and it is not necessary to change them, young patients who have undergone breast augmentation to increase their size can replace breast implants due to pregnancy or hormonal changes in the body. The patients who underwent the operation of thebreast cosmetic surgery in old age they are more sure of keeping the same prostheses for life. However, it is strongly advisable to keep the situation under control with periodic visits and examinations such as breast ultrasound. With breast implantsof the latest generation it is not mandatory to change them, this is a question related to the shape of your breast, if it remains stable the prostheses are kept, if it changes or drops downwards or you want to change the size, a replacement is planned.

Breast implants there are cases in which the woman chooses to remove them to avoid a deflated and sagging effect,

Breast implants. Albania Doctor

Then there are cases where you choose toremove breast implants to avoid a deflated and sagging effect, solutions such as themastopexyor thelipofilling, able to maintain a good and pleasant appearance even after.

How much does breast implant replacement cost?

The price average for breast implant replacement is around 3000 euros, the cost of this treatment is indicative.Prices may vary according to the characteristics of the patient, the complexity of the intervention, the brand used for the treatment, etc.

The price of the breast implant replacement includes:

  • The preliminary visit is a fundamental step in establishing the methods and objectives of the intervention.

  • The intervention itself

  • anesthesia which can be local with sedation or general depending on the surgical procedure adopted and the patient's needs,

  • The cost of breast implants

  • Follow-up visit following the intervention,

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