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Dipartimento di Chirurgia - Albania Doctor

Dental center Albania Dent. UFO Dental Clinic. Dental implants. Dental prostheses. Cosmetic dentistry.

We take care of you

Our mission is to exceed expectations by providing exceptional dental care to our patients and, at the same time, building trusting relationships with them. We are passionate about what we do and want our patients to feel confident that they will receive the best care dentistry has to offer.

Albania Doctor deliversAll necessary information and advice for the organization of appointments at our medical facility in Tirana in Albania

Our clinic offers services ofplastic surgery, otorhinolaryngology,hair transplant, non-surgical beauty treatments for face and body, cweight loss surgeryto reduceobesity. We also focus on physical health education and research to stay current and abreast of the latest global trends in beauty.

Our doctors are trained in the best universities in the world, we have state of the art equipment and high quality products to guarantee absolute success! We are constantly cultivating our field of expertise, thus blending golden secrets into our daily work not discovered by anyone before, something that is increasingly evident by the growing number of patients surprised by our work.

UFO Dental Clinic. Waiting room

Medical Tourism in Albania, Dental Tourism, Hair Transplant Trichological Tourism, Italian Plastic Surgery

In theAlbania Doctor of Tiranayou will find established doctors specialized in:

Italian plastic surgery in Tirana

All the highly qualified staff with excellent knowledge of the Italian language will take care of you and, together, you will be able to find the best solution to satisfy your every need.

Medical tourism in Albania is in great development which generates new opportunities for patients, who thanks to our offers for medical care in Albania can have plastic surgery services and specialized care in our clinic in Tirana in Albania. Albania Doctor is able to make available to its patients all types of specialized tests and latest generation diagnostic tests, guaranteeing the use of cutting-edge tools and equipment

Hair transplant tourism for men and women

One of the branches of health tourism is thetrichological tourismfor the care and thehair transplant

In 15 years of experience our clinic has successfully treated thousands of patients. Our Clinic was created to provide everyone with the global knowledge to deal withBaldnessand the most advanced solution available. Whatever your clinical case, bookyour free consultation and find out how to act.

Exclusively and in collaboration with the best Turkish professionals, specialized in the latest trichology techniques: Micro-FUE & DHI.

Our clinic guarantees results with high quality standards, thanks to the skills of our team and the care for the patient throughout the transplant process. Below you can evaluate the results obtained in our patients, the result of our commitment.

Hair transplant in Albania

We strive for excellence in all of our services to our patients so that we can help them achieve the highest level of dental health appropriate for their needs in an atmosphere of trust and compassion.

 We aim to ensure oral and dental health where everyone reaches their best condition, creating a healthier community and beautiful smiles. In addition, part of our mission is to provide all patients with the​​ more effective treatment, the best diagnostic technology and high-tech dental equipment that enable them to enjoy a safe, long-term and comfortable care service

A perfect smile

Our vision is to provide our patients with a dental experience that fosters a relationship based on trust, safety, quality of work and exceptional patient care.

Our goal is to transform every individual's smile into a healthy smile.

We do our best to become a leader in the dental industry by maintaining best practices and dental care, while maintaining the highest level of patient satisfaction. We are committed to providing you with the best care in a very comfortable environment, offering the highest quality dental care.

Your health is in good hands.

Patients first of all.
The priority of the UFO Dental Center of Albania Dent Tirana is prevention, our philosophy is to guarantee our patients who come from afar the best quality care combined with a pleasant holiday in Albania with savings of up to 70%.

the friendly atmosphere, the excellent hygienic and professional standards, the welcoming space and the kindness of all the staff of Albania Dent are the reasons why whole families and individuals of all ages rely on us.

Most of our team speaks Italian,

UFO Dental Centre of Albania Dent Tirana

UFO Dental Clinic pays particular attention to the safety and comfort of its patients. Following the regular sterilization of the instruments, the execution of a whole series of laboratory tests and an anesthetic practice adapted to the dental history and the patient's needs.

Our clinic is located in Tirana, in the capital of Albania one of the most beautiful and largest cities,  and it is one of the best dental clinics. 

In the UFO Dental Clinic in Tirana you will find well-known doctors specialized in dental implantology , bone grafting, ALL-on-4, Endodontics , Fixed Prosthesis, Mobile Prosthetics, Conservative Therapy , Dental Aesthetic Treatments, Dental Whitening, Dental Veneers and, with excellent knowledge of the Italian language, all the highly qualified staff will take care of you and, together, you will find the best solution to meet your every need.

Ufo Dental Clinic

Dentists you will love

Our services will help you forget about dental problems.  UFO Dental Clinic has been a patented brand for more than two decades for its quality in oral health services. The clinic was founded in 1996, since then the group of extraordinary Italian dentists have brought their best experiences in the field of implantology and orthodontics.

Albania Dent offers the best and latest technology, and thanks to the qualifications of our dentists we can deliver dental implants and prosthetics in one day. We take care of your smile and your health, we supply biocompatible prostheses without metal.

Orthodontic treatments such as INVISALIGNE and rapid palatal expansion  reduce the time of our orthodontic treatments to a minimum.

The Tirana dental practice has 8 modernly equipped clinics and, among these, a surgical room, orthodontic room, dental laboratory, radiology. They are designed to treat any patient need, from classic conservative dentistry treatments to various implant-prosthetic products.
The modern and avant-garde equipment, reflecting the standards and trends of international dentistry and allows us to offer a high quality and maximum reliability service.

UFO Tirana Detective Office
We are next to you to offer the best services for you!

The UFFO Dental Center in Tirana made by a large team of experts with years of experience in all branches of dentistry. We solve the most difficult cases in one place in the shortest possible time. We always strive to improve our services by constantly promoting the participation of our dentists in professional education and training programs, which can offer complete dental support in one place.

The UFO Dental Clinic team

If the goal is to regain the health and beauty of a smile, thanks to Albania Dent it is possible to find the best specialists in dental care techniques to rely on to solve any problem at low cost prices .

Albania Dent
UFO Dental Clinic Tirana 

We are a leader in modern dental care by offering the best service

Our address:

Rruga and Kavajës, 3
1001 Tirana
Tel: AL +355 68 608 6880
Tel: IT +39 331 4041 848

Opening hours:

Monday           08: 30-18

Tuesday          08: 30-18

Wednesday         08: 30-18

Thursday           08: 30-18

Friday           08: 30-18

Saturday           08: 30-18

Sunday         Locked down


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UFo Dental Clinic

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