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Plastic surgery of the body in Albania. Abdominoplasty, Cosmetic surgery of the breasts, thighs, arms and buttocks

Plastic surgery of the body

Among the most common defects of the body affected by cosmetic surgery are localized fat or skin laxity, asymmetry of the breasts or arms, the presence of scars, remodeling of the genitals, especially female.

Body cosmetic surgeryoffers different options to build, or rebuild, the harmony of body and mind to obtain a satisfactory remodeling of the body of women and men, reducing fatty deposits in a visible and lasting way.


Body plastic surgeryconsists of a series of surgeries aimed at redesigning and reproportioning, to reshape and perfect the aesthetic defects of the body

Cosmetic surgery of the body. Abdominoplasty. Aesthetic surgery of the breast, thigh and arm lifting. Glutoplasty, liposuction, liposculpture

Among the most common cosmetic surgery operations that are performed in  our Plastic Surgery Clinic in Tirana are: abdominoplasty, abdominal lifting, liposuction, arm lifting, thigh lifting, gluteoplasty and buttock lipofilling, female intimate surgery, liposculpture, laserlipolysis and mastoplasty


Abdominoplasty – lifting of the abdomen. The abdomen is an important area of the body, the flat stomach is a relevant aesthetic value, the adipose abdomen is a blemish that causes discomfort.

Thanks to the innovative techniques used in our plastic surgery clinic in Tirana, after a painless abdominoplasty, patients are free to move after a few hours.

Abdominoplasty is one of the most frequent cosmetic surgery operations, its main objective is the correction of imperfections and relaxation of the abdomen, it also provides for the removal of excess abdominal fat when it is present, redefine the hips, belly and abdominal muscles.

The results obtained with the abdominoplasty operation are very natural and the scars are hidden under the briefs.



Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery operation through the aspiration of disproportionate fat deposits with the aim of modeling the body's contours. Liposuction is the body modeling technique through the suction of superfluous fat that can be performed on the abdomen, hips and inner and outer thighs. 


 Liposuction consists in the removal of subcutaneous body fat, making the body profile more harmonious and slim.

The removal of fat is obtained through the action of a small cannula, connected to a suction device, introduced through a micro incision in the affected area.

The liposuction procedure lasts 2 – 4 hours and can be performed on an outpatient basis  Day Hospital or One Night, with general anesthesia with deep sedation, determines a definitive result, does not involve visible or significant scarring from an aesthetic point of view.


There are different liposuction procedures in our plastic surgery clinic in Tirana the tumescent liposuction technique is practiced which is considered the most effective and respectful of the tissues, it allows the aspiration of a greater amount of fat. The safety level of tumescent liposuction is very high. This technique involves the infiltration of a tumescent solution into the panniculus affected by the remodeling which allows to reduce bleeding and improve the precision of the surgical intervention.

What is liposculpture​? Liposculpture is an innovative cosmetic surgery procedure, which allows to obtain a remodeling and an improvement of the

Liposculpture, compared to other more traditional cosmetic surgery procedures, represents an evolution of liposuction, since it allows to obtain a more precise and harmonious remodeling of the body figure and is a much more manageable operation because it minimizes potential risks and guarantees a very fast post-operative recovery.

Liposculpture means transferring the fat from the areas in excess to those in the defect, to fill wrinkles and make the shapes more harmonious and make them appear younger, engaging cannulas with a smaller diameter, 2-4 mm against the 5-10 mm used in liposuction, thus allowing to perform a minimally invasive operation by eliminating the more superficial adipose tissues. The aesthetics of the body through the localized removal of fatty deposits.


Breast cosmetic surgery. Breast lift mastopexy. Breast augmentation and reduction

Mastopexy - Breast lift

Mastopexy, known as breast lift, is a highly requested intervention in cosmetic surgery indicated for women who wish to lift sagging breasts (mammary ptosis) or reduce and modify the shape and size of the areola. The surgical procedure gives new firmness and projection to emptied, sagging and ptosic breasts. The surgical treatment of breast ptosis consists in the excision of the excess skin, in the plication of the gland with fixation in a higher position, in the relocation of the areola-ca complex. The breast lift is a very safe, little painful operation, which can be performed in the day -hospital and characterized by rapid post-operative recovery times, piece in a superior position and in the eventual insertion of prostheses.

Breast esthetic surgery

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is aimed at increasing and improving the shape of the breast and is able to correct a breast asymmetry, improving the harmony of the body, to give more abundant and sensual curves, very natural and personalized even to the thinnest breast.

Breast augmentation is certainly the most requested cosmetic surgery. 

Breast augmentation surgery has the prosthetic implant as its only possibility.

The latest generation soft breast prostheses produced with biocompatible and long-lasting materials.

This is one of the most important operations performed in cosmetic surgery and it is certainly the one that gives the greatest satisfaction to both the surgeon and the patients, due to the remarkable aesthetic results that can be obtained. 

The operation lasts about an hour and a half performed under local anesthesia with conscious sedation.

Breast augmentation

After breast augmentation, the patient is bandaged and stays at the facility for one night and is discharged the following day.

Breast augmentation can also be achieved with a less invasive procedure, breast lipofilling which consists of the infiltration of autologous fat

Reduction mammaplasty

Reduction mastoplasty, the operation that resizes too abundant and asymmetrical breasts.

Reduction mammaplasty is used to make the size of the breast more proportionate to the physicality of the patient, correcting any problems of volumetric and shape asymmetry and repositioning the breasts higher, correcting the fall, or ptosis.

In cases of very large breast volumes (severe breast hypertrophy or gigantomastia), reduction mammoplasty becomes a real functional surgery that reduces back pain due to excessive breast weight, reduces ulceration disorders at the level of the shoulder bra and sores and infections of the inframammary folds.

The scars of reduction mammoplasty are anchor or in the shape of the inverted letter T, ie around the areola, in the inframammary fold and a vertical line joining these two scars.

Reduction mammaplasty

Thigh and arm lift

The lifting of the thighs or arms is a cosmetic surgery of the body in order to firm and reshape the thighs or arms, give greater tone to the skin, to obtain the reduction of fat and sagging skin of the limbs. The intervention will give an immediate effect of tonicity to the treated parts, it is performed under local anesthesia, in the most radical cases a general anesthesia is performed with hospitalization or, more rarely, in a day hospital. The duration can vary between two and four hours.

Thigh lift.png
Arm lift

How to perform thigh and arm lift surgery

On the legs, incisions are made in the upper, latero-pubic and groin regions, through which the skin is pulled upwards. After removing the excess skin, the skin is fixed with stitches in the new position. In some cases these procedures can also be associated with liposuction, to reduce fat deposits. This intervention involves more or less evident scars, generally hidden in the inguinal crease.

The arm lift involves the surgical removal of a part of the skin inside the arms and a strengthening of the underlying muscles. The cut always goes from the armpit to the elbow. Often a partial liposuction is also carried out in order to eliminate excess fat, reducing the circumference of the arm, followed by the removal of excess skin with final scars partly hidden in the armpit and then extended along the entire arm up to the elbow . To avoid the risk of accumulation of blood or interstitial fluids, drainages are applied for one or more days.

Gluteoplasty and buttock lipofilling

Gluteoplasty is a plastic surgery of the body that allows you to change the shape and size of the buttocks. Through gluteoplasty  it is possible to increase or modify and give a more pleasant shape or greater skin tone to the buttocks  in patients who present with relaxation of the tissues caused by significant weight loss or natural aging, or a flat or too small butt.

The most modern surgical techniques used for buttock plastic surgery are:

 - lipofilling or lipostructure,

 - the use of latest generation prostheses

 - glutoplasty without prosthesis with hyaluronic acid



Glutoplasty with Lipofilling or lipostructure is an innovative technique which consists in the use of autologous tissue to increase the volume and reshape the buttocks. Through very small cannulas, the adipose tissue is taken from areas where it is present in greater quantities such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, etc. and, after appropriate treatment, it is re-injected into the areas of the buttock to be filled.

Gluteoplasty with implants

Gluteoplasty with prostheses consists in the insertion of latest generation silicone prostheses conforming to medical use, specific to be implanted in the gluteal region and therefore more resistant than breast prostheses. The procedure involves making an incision of about 5/6 cm in the intergluteal groove for positioning the implant. It is made in the upper part of the buttocks, in the intergluteal groove, so that the scar remains hidden between the two buttocks. The prostheses can be positioned inside the gluteus maximus muscle, according to the Gonzales technique, or more superficially, following the De La Peña technique, below the fascia covering the muscle. It is also convenient to use drains that will only be left in place for a few days.

Gluteoplasty with prosthesis.png

Glutoplasty without prosthesis. Third possibility of remodeling the buttocks can also be achieved with the use of hyaluronic acid which is injected into the depths of the tissues through a cannula. It will be necessary to inject at least 3-4 vials per side to have adequate visible remodeling

The treatment is carried out under local anesthesia, leaves no scars and does not require hospitalization. Once the treatment is finished, the results are visible immediately, at the end a plaster is placed and after 24 hours the patient can go back to carrying out all her daily activities.

The aesthetic result lasts about a year, after which it is possible to undergo the treatment again.

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