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Aesthetic surgery of the face and neck. Plastic surgery in Albania

Abdominoplasty in Albania. Abdominal cosmetic surgery. Abdominal lift. Correction of excess skin and fat. Belly lift. Aesthetic defects and treatments or interventions to solve them

The problem of the presence of belly and sagging skin, for women and men is a weak point sometimes associated with one or more pregnancies.
Abdominoplastyit is indicated in case the abdomen is affected by the presence of excess sagging skin, and it is more necessary when the ptosis of the soft tissues, accompanied by diastasis rectus muscles and accumulations of fat.

On this page you will find a brief description of the main aesthetic problems of the belly and the best solutions to solve them.Abdominoplasty for women AndMale abdominoplasty. The proposed methods are both ofabdominal cosmetic surgery, and aesthetic medicine.

What is Abdominoplasty?

TOabdominoplastyit is also called alsoAbdominal lift, belly lift orabdominal liftis an intervention byCosmetic Surgery which consists in the removal of accumulations of fatty tissue and excess skin present in patients whose abdomen is heavy and who have severe skin failure in order to restore the natural tension of the underlying muscles, transforming a relaxed and prominent abdomen , giving the tummy a more toned, taut and remodeled look.

Abdominoplasty surgery it allows to obtain a relaxation of the muscular partreshaping the hips Andbelly, helps to have adequate postural health of the muscles.

Specifically, these interventions are aimed at correcting three main problems of the body both for female abdominoplasty and for male abdominoplasty;

  1. Correct excess skin and fat of the abdomen after pregnancy, weight loss and aging

  2. Correctrelaxation of the abdominal muscles

  3. Correct waist and buttockswith associated liposuction.

The surgical removal of skin and fat unfortunately leads to long scars but it also remains the only solution to the type of problem. The scar is thin and horizontal, located in the suprapubic area. The surgeon will personalize the scar so that it is always well hidden.

After the surgery, not only are the body proportions more harmonious, but also the mental well-being and physical activity improve considerably.

The purpose of abdominoplasty or truebody cosmetic surgery is to eliminate some imperfections in the abdominal area to improve its aesthetic appearance, the most frequent ones, both in men and women, are sagging skin and sagging belly skin downwards.

Female abdominoplasty - Albania Doctor
Male tummy tuck - Albania Doctor

Precautions before surgery

To avoid and reduce the risks and complications, follow the instructions correctlyplastic surgeon both before and after the surgery. A month before the procedure, it is recommendedstop smoking in order not to have a negative effect on microcirculation; a week before to stop consuming preparations of aacetylsalicylic acid; Aspirin, Ando, Acisal and other medicines and preparations that affect blood clotting to prevent heavy bleeding.
Always inform the surgeon if you suffer from allergies or other chronic diseases, if you suffer from vascular disease, varicose veins, embolism or thrombosis, special precautionary measures will be taken. It is also best to avoid alcohol and sleeping pills. As with all surgeriesperform the examslaboratory tests and an electrocardiogram in addition, all previous tests and medical records must be provided.

What does abdominoplasty surgery consist of?

Before anesthesiathe surgeon accurately measures and marks the part of skin to be removed. The abdomen is disinfected. A particular vasoconstrictor liquid limits bleeding during the operation. Under anesthesia, excess fat and skin are removed.
There are two main types of tummy tuck, depending on the amount and location of abdominal fat to be removed:

  • Complete abdominoplasty it is applied in patients who have thick adipose tissue or sagging skin,

  • An incision is made from the right side to the left side of the abdomen. The surgery takes about an hour and a half and even more. up, and requires a night's hospitalization, with drainage to collect the blood.

  • Mini tummy tuck o Partial abdominoplasty, is applied in patients who have less fat tissue or excess skin to eliminate.

An incision is made above the pubic area. The surgery takes about an hour and a half, in day-hospital admission mode.

In both cases the intervention is usually associated with theliposuctionto reduce the thickness of the adipose tissue and increase the effectiveness of the result.

The procedures after surgery  for a quick post-surgery recovery

After the surgery in the clinic there is a 1 or 2 night stay in the clinic you will be given painkillers to give you relief and relaxation. Drains are removed before discharge.

To avoid the risk of embolisms it is recommended to wear elastic stockings or with preventive medicines. Perform isometric muscle exercises to stimulate circulation and tissue oxygenation. It is recommended to exert a slight compression on the operated area by wearing a girdle or body suit during the day for 6 weeks. Cold showers stimulate the healing process.
The absorbable sutures dissolve by themselves, the others will be removed after 3-6 weeks

Once you leave the clinic, it is advisable to rest in a hotel or apartment for a couple of nights to regain strength before tackling the return journey. The staff ofAlbania Doctor will be at your disposal to find the right solution for your needs.

After about 10-14 days the swelling will have almost completely regressed and the suture will be healed. After a few weeks you will be completely healed.

Full abdominoplasty - Albania Doctor
Mini Abdominoplasty

Summary - Details

  • Technique: surgery

  • Duration: 1h 30-3 hours

  • Anesthesia: General, Local with Sedation

  • stay: Day Hospital maximum 1 or 2 nights

  • Post-treatment rest: 2-5 days

  • Exposure to the Sun: After a month

  • Sports activity recovery: 6/8 weeks

  • Result obtained: 3-6 months

  • Back to work: 10-20 days

  • Ultimate Effect:after 2 months

How much does abdominoplasty cost in Albania

Abdominoplasty surgery, at our clinic can cost from a minimum of € 3500, in the case ofmini abdominoplasty, to a maximum of € 4500 in the case of acomplete abdominoplasty associated withliposuction.

In Albania Doctor you will have the opportunity to receive a free consultation from cosmetic surgeons who have been working in the sector for years.

In Italy and other countries of the European community the cost of mini abdominoplasty can vary from €6,000 to €8,000. The cost of traditional abdominoplasty can range between €8,000 and €12,000. The cost of circumferential abdominoplasty can range from €10,000 to €16,000.


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