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Lipofilling | How much does lipofilling or lipostructure cost in Albania

Lipofilling - lipostructure. What are? The most suitable areas of the body. how is the operation performed? How much does lipofilling cost in Albania?

What is Lipofilling and how does it differ from common fillers?

lipofilling it is a particular intervention of theCosmetic Surgery and reconstructive body contouring. It is an increasingly used technique both in the reconstructive field and in the aesthetic field.

Lipofilling, also known as the lipostructuring, essentially consists of an autologous tissue graft, or rather the transfer of fat cells, which are taken from other areas of the patient's body and transferred to the areas to be remodeled to give volume, fullness and turgidity to the empty or slightly protruding.

Lipofilling or lipostructure treatments most requested by women to give volume and improve the appearance of the buttocks, calves, breasts and face. Lipofilling is aimed at remodeling lost volumes and correcting the imperfections of a body profile evidently altered by old age, stress, failed slimming diets, excessive weight loss.

Body fat is removed by liposuction often from the abdomen, hips or legs, purified and reinserted in other parts of the body, just like a common filler, to increase the volume of the breasts, buttocks, to restore the contours of the face, improving the appearance through a more natural result, or in the treatment of post-traumatic deformities, congenital anomalies and burns, thanks to its regenerative properties.

What is the difference between lipofilling and a common filler?

The difference between common fillers and lipofilling it lies in the filler substance that is inserted. In common fillers, the filler substance ishyaluronic acid and thecollagen. In lipofilling, on the other hand, the filling substance is adipose tissuenatural fat taken directly from the patient's body

Lipofilling - lipostructure Albania Doctor

What are the most suitable areas of the body for lipofilling?

The most suitable areas to perform lipofilling or lipostructuring are:

  1. Facial Lipofilling offers a more lasting and natural remodeling of the face than that obtainable with hyaluronic acid fillers. It is usually performed when the skin loses its elasticity due to collagen levels depleting, resulting in wrinkles and sagging. Lipofilling for women on the face has a remarkable effectrejuvenationimproving the contours and giving a new volume to the face, especially on the cheekbones, the folds of the lips, the mouth, the cheeks, the mandibular region. This treatment.

  2. Breast Lipofiling it is performed to correct small differences and asymmetries in the shape, slightly increasing the volume of the breast without resorting to breast implants. The result is more natural both in terms of aesthetics and tactile sensation, and leaves no scars.

  3. Lipofilling of the buttocks it is performed to improve the shape of sagging and flat buttocks, without the aid of implants and without leaving scars by harmonizing waist and hips. Lipoffling of the buttocks is indicated for the patient who has a sufficient supply of adipose tissue to be harvested. Very thin patients are not ideal for undergoing this type of surgery.

Facial lipofilling Albania Doctor
Breast lipofilling Albania Doctor
lipofilling thighs and buttocks - Albania Doctor

How is lipofilling surgery performed?

The most frequent uses of lipofilling or lipostructure in cosmetic surgery are to fill furrows and wrinkles. Lipofilling is performed under local anesthesia or sedation, depending on the size and position of the area to be treated.

Through a small incision the fat is removed from the donor site from the deepest fatty layers of the abdomen, buttocks, inner thighs or hips, a small amount of fat is aspirated using a special needle and syringe with the liposuction technique at low suction power. The fat is collected in a pure graft closed filter system which is then centrifuged to separate triglycerides, plasma and other blood components, leaving only the optimal fat that can be used for lipofilling. The purified fat is then injected with small plastic surgery needles through microcannulas into the affected area. You may need to repeat this process several times depending on how much fat you want to transfer. The volume will reduce slightly as the body drains the fluid. The duration of the intervention varies between 1 and 2 hours. Convalescence The transfer of fat leaves bruises on the treated area which tend to gradually disappear in 7-10 days

What is the course after lipofillin or lipostructure surgery?

After lipofilling, the patient may experience some undesirable effects such as soreness and pain in the treated area, but the pain perceived is modest, these effects can be controlled by taking pain-relieving drugs that will be prescribed by the doctor.

Immediately after the operation, elastic-compressive bandages will be applied to the patient which will be removed by the surgeon after a certain period of time.

The patient should wear a compression garment where liposuction has been performed for approximately three weeks, in order to limit swelling, bruising and avoid asymmetries and depressions. It is also important to refrain from physical exertion and sporting activity for at least a week. The swelling gradually subsides in two weeks after the operation.

To appreciate the final result, you have to wait a few weeks to allow the integration of the transplant.

The patient will be able to resume normal activities one week after the operation. If the patient's work requires strenuous physical activity, a longer recovery period will be required. Sports activities can be resumed after 4 -6 weeks. Car driving is permitted after one or two weeks.

the areas of the body most suitable for lipofilling or liporestructuring

Other interventions can be performed together with lipofilling

Lipofilling or lipostructurecan be associated with several other interventions by Cosmetic Surgery. For example, in order to obtain better results, it is not uncommon for facial lipofilling to be performed in association with a face lift.
Furthermore, lipofilling is frequently associated with interventions such asliposuction,blepharoplasty,gluteoplasty,malaroplasty, etc.

When does lipofilling cost in Albania, what is included in the price?

The cost of a lipofilling treatment varies according to the size of the area to be treated, which involves the transfer of a part of one's adipose tissue to restore volume in the areas that have lost it. In Albania Doctor the price of lipofilling can vary approximately from a minimum of 1500 euros to a maximum of 4000 euros

The price includes: surgery, anesthesiologist, drugs, medical aids and materials, medications, hospitalization (if provided), all check-ups and medications following the operation

Summary of details
  • Technique: cosmetic surgery

  • Duration: 60-90 minutes

  • Anesthesia: general / local with conscious sedation

  • stay: Day hospital

  • Post-treatment rest: 2 days

  • Sun exposure: 20 – 30 days

  • Result obtained: 3-6 months

  • Back to social: 3 - 5 days

  • Sports activity recovery:1 month

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