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Medical tourism in Albania, Dentistry, Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplant

The advantage of health tourism in Albania lies in the possibility of being treated in our plastic surgery clinic in Tirana with the most advanced medical technologies, more specialized personnel, organizations  of packages all in one, (travel, treatment and stay) with reduced times and combine health, well-being and relaxation in a single experience.

Albania Doctor is the tour operator specializing in medical tourism that has been working in the sector for years, collaborating with the best specialists in trichology, but also dentistry and cosmetic surgery. Hair transplant trips in Tirana involve a stay of three days. The patient is assisted from the early organizational stages and can decide to combine a pleasure trip, thus increasing the days available to visit the city. The tour operator follows the customer step by step, building the ideal stay with him.​

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Medical tourism in Albania. Trichological tourism for hair transplantation, dental tourism, aesthetic medicine tourism.

Medical tourism it means a world where everyone can find the best cure for themselves. Anywhere, anytime and for any need. The phenomenon of medical tourism originates from ancient times, when people traveled to improve their health by relying on spa treatments in different countries of the world.

Albania Doctor is a free resource. Our mission is to provide a central portal where patients, medical tourism providers, dental practices, hair transplant clinics, aesthetic medicine centers and Plastic surgerythey can find the information they need.

Our site focuses on patients looking for specific knowledge in the areas of medical tourism, del dental tourismof the trichological tourism and health tourism and aesthetic medicine.

Trichological Tourism - Hair transplant in Albania

Trichological tourism last frontier of medical tourism it is the same pattern, however applied to the clinical field of trichological research, in particular the treatment of androgenetic alopecia

The plastic surgery clinic in Albania helps you maintain the health and beauty of your teeth by offering you high-level dentistry with competitive prices!

With us you can save up to 70%.

Dental tourism in Albaniais able to offer opportunities for patients who decide to access specialist care in our clinics.

Medical treatments that do not require long hospitalizations allow you to enjoy a period of relaxation in accommodation facilities such as hotels and resorts where you can get in touch with the nature, culture and customs of the places visited.

The strength of the service that Albania Doctor offers to potential customers is mainly preventive and free professional advice, able to avoid unnecessary trips and unpleasant surprises on the estimate relating to the therapeutic plan.

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Aesthetic medicine tourism. Plastic surgery in Albania. 

Aesthetic medicine tourism in Albaniait is now a reality and it is growing more and more.

The most requested services are the beauty treatments, plastic surgery, dental care, infertility treatment, minimally invasive surgery aimed at weight reduction for those suffering from obesity, and the treatment of associated diseases...

For those who want to undergo an operation of Cosmetic Surgery in a modern and refined environment we have selected for you one of the most famous hospitals in Albania.

For years our clinic of plastic surgery in Tirana operates patients from Albania and abroad, VIPs known in the world of entertainment and sport while maintaining their maximum privacy.

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