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Breast augmentationit is one of the most requested interventions in the Cosmetic Surgeryby the female audience.Breastit is one of the most delicate parts of the body for a woman, a breast that is too small or emptied or a marked asymmetry between the two breasts. These are some of the most common blemishes, which often affect the quality of life from a psychological point of view and lead to undergo an interventionbreast augmentation, so-calledbreast augmentation.Each breast is different, so each operation is personalized and adapted to the physique and starting shapes.

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentationit is one of the surgical procedures to restore the natural harmony and proportion to feel more comfortable and more beautiful.

Breast cosmetic surgery is the most requested intervention by women and it involves an increase in the volume of the breast and an improvement in the shape.

The mammoplasty surgeryit is indicated in all cases in which the breast is small, underdeveloped and its dimensions do not respect the natural proportions with respect to the patient's build and stature.

Breast augmentation is recommended for patients who enjoy good health and who have small, emptied or asymmetrical breasts. The preferential age is at the end of the development of the mammary glands and breasts, ieafter the age of 18. There are many reasons for resorting to this intervention. Some women with small breasts want to have a more proportionate body, others still want to recover the fullness and firmness of the breasts that have emptied due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or following a suddenweight loss.

Mastoplastica additiveva

Other women contemplate breast augmentation surgery to restore thesymmetryin the case of uneven breasts or to correct thedown bobs, although breasts with excessive ptosis get a better result by adding amastopexIbreast liftin association with breast augmentation. The specialists ofAlbania Doctor, help the woman to find the most suitable solution for her body taking into consideration her wishes and expectations in order to have a natural look as a final result.

Breast augmentation surgery – breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery – breast augmentation

Before the intervention in thecosmetic surgery clinic TiranaOur surgeon discusses with the patient and tries to understand her wishes, her expectations and the motivations that lead her to the operation and makes an accurate analysis of the anatomical condition, chest size, quality of the mammary gland, tissue elasticity.

The specialists of Albania Doctorselect the best available treatment option related to the type ofengraving, to the choice ofprosthetics, to its positioning, according to the anatomy and the result to be obtained. Based on all these aspects, the different options are then evaluated; from the type of intervention totype of prosthesiswhich is better to use, also thanks to the aid of interactive computerized systems.

The procedure is performed in sedation or under general anesthesia, is performed in day-hospital or at most with an overnight stay in hospital and lasts 1-2 hours and is well tolerated by the patient. The incision must be minimal and is performed in the most hidden points, it can be traced around the lower contour of the areola, or at the level of the crease under the breast. 

Theplacement of the prosthesisit can occur at the sub-glandular or sub-muscular level. Once the breast augmentation project has been established, the first step is the prescription of pre-operative examinations which, in the case of breast augmentation, in addition to blood tests and electrocardiograms, also include typical instrumental examinations of the breast such as breast ultrasound and, if indicated, the mammography.

The post-intervention

After the surgeryin the first few days, the patient feels greater tension and sensitivity in the breasts, accompanied by a sensation of heat or itching, but the recovery is quick and the convalescence short.

After the operation, suction drains are placed for the first night which, by eliminating the liquids from the pocket created for the prosthesis, allow for a faster recovery. On the second day normally the idrainagesThe breast is wrapped in a protective bandage and then a special one is put onsports bra.

Some swelling and some bruising can remain for up to ten days. The patient can start walking on the day of surgery and can resume normal daily activities after the fourth day.

For sporting activities, on the other hand, one must wait at least a month and should abstain from physical effort, in particular from lifting heavy objects. The return to work is expected after a week of rest.

Details - Summary
  • Surgery area:Breast

  • Duration:60-120 minutes

  • Anesthesia:general or local with sedation

  • Recovery:day hospital

  • Post-treatment rest:7 days

  • Result obtained:definitive and visual immediately.

  • Back to social:A week

  • Full recovery:4 – 6 weeks

How much does it cost to get breast implants in Albania?

Breast implants usually have a high cost, the actual cost of the surgery is determined by the surgeon at the first visit to our clinicAlbania. Our goal is to find a balance between the patient's expectations and the final result which must be as natural and harmonious as possible.

Bearing in mind that every situation is different from patient to patient, therefore it is necessary to carefully evaluate the anatomical characteristics of the patient, such as the width of the chest and the shape of the breasts, the firmness of the breast tissue and the thickness of the skin. the costs also depend on the quality of the prosthesis which can be made with more or less innovative materials such as highly cohesive silicone gel and with different techniques

We seewhat are the costs required for breastfeedinginItalian clinicsAndhow much does it cost to have a breast implant abroad, as inAlbania. The average rates applied in Italian clinics for an augmentation mammoplasty, which allows to increase the volume of the breast and improve its shape with the use of prostheses, on average we can hypothesize a cost between€6,000 to €9,000and sometimes even more. Therereduction mammaplastyinstead the costs can easily exceed the10,000 euros.

In the medical centerAlbania DoctorPrices for breast augmentation surgery start at3800 euros, carried out by a complete team with professional doctors and anesthesiologists available 24 hours a day

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