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Aesthetic medicine tourism. Italian plastic surgery clinic in Tirana in Albania


Being a candidate country for entry into the European Union, Albania responds perfectly to the requirements of this new market, and is already compliant with European health standards.

The number of tourist patients who come to Albania to be treated or for a low-cost aesthetic touch-up is always growing and there are many reasons;

  • The increase in health care costs in the country of origin,

  • Wait times too long.

  • some medical services are not permitted or are subject to legislative restrictions

  • Some treatments are not covered by insurance

  • Several treatments are not provided by the national health system as in the case of cosmetic surgery, dental care or fertility treatments.

  • Many patients look for information on medical procedures in the internet where they can compare thepricesbetween national and foreign clinics and, in addition to being able to evaluate the experience and training of the doctors themselves.

Being a candidate country for entry into the European Union, Albania responds perfectly to the requirements of this new market, and is already compliant with European health standards.

The Tirana Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is the leader in the field of medical tourism in Albania, offering general medicine services, providing 15 different branches of medicine. Furthermore, as a group, they are present in 12 different countries in the Balkans, the Middle East and Europe and Asia. 

The Italian plastic surgery clinic in Albania as in all other countries where it is present operates with European standards, with modern equipment and technologies  e which provides all health services, without making concessions from ethics medical, respecting the rights of patients, offering advanced health technologies, with its beds and facilities.


The beauty tourism bum in Albania.

Many European citizens are fleeing in search of beauty treatments, the numbers of patients who choose Albani as their destination are  growing significantly. 

The most requested areas are aesthetic treatments and interventions, bariatric surgery for obesity, rhinoplasty, dental care, cosmetic surgery. Trichology for hair transplantation, cosmetic dentistry, implantology, fixed dental prostheses, reconstructive surgery, infertility and more.  

Reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery

Plastic surgeryReconstructive and aesthetic medicine represents one of the most modern and innovative branches of aesthetic medicine and requires experience, medical-scientific knowledge, passion and talent.

Plastic surgery contributes in achieving your dreams and aspires to happiness.

For those who want to undergo cosmetic surgery in a modern and refined environment, we have selected for you one of the most famous clinics in Albania.

Our Plastic Surgery Clinic has been operating patients from Albania and abroad for years, VIPs known in the world of entertainment and sport while maintaining their maximum privacy.

In the Plastic Surgery Clinic in Tirana you will have the opportunity to receive the care you need fromRhinoplastyto liposuction, from mastoplasty to Botox, in the search for the low-cost "touch-up", combined with all-inclusive tourist packages.

Aesthetic medicine tourism in Albaniait is now a reality and it is growing more and more. The most requested services are aesthetic treatments, plastic surgery, dental treatments, infertility treatments, minimally invasive surgical interventions aimed at reducing weight for those suffering from obesity, and the treatment of associated diseases

Healthcare tourismit is a sector of tourism that includes medical tourism, wellness, beauty and spa tourism. Medical tourism involves people who require care that is not available at home or access to real medical therapies, the traveler who develops health problems during their holidays.

Wellness tourismis aimed at those who want to maintain or improve their health, that of aesthetics for those who want to undergo cosmetic surgery and the thermal one for those who want relaxation and prevention. These four forms of tourism obviously have overlapping areas, especially medical and wellness tourism.

The cosmetic surgerytakes a very important role in medical tourism as it brings patients from rich countries from Europe and the world to Albania.

The plastic surgery department of the Da Vinci clinic offers the best quality of service, using the most modern equipment and technology.

Painless procedure, with professionalism, guarantee and maximum dedication

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beauty tourism

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