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Trichological tourism. Hair Transplant Clinic in Albania


Trichological tourism, the last frontier of medical tourism, is the same pattern, however applied to the clinical field of trichological research, in particular the treatment of androgenetic alopecia.

 Trichological trips to the Beauty Clinic in Tirana have now become a normality. Today we talk about tourism because the journey to discover a new city becomes an integral part of the hair transplant. ​

Trichological tourism for hair transplantation in Albania is constantly expanding. Thanks to the significantly lower cost of the treatment compared to the European averages and professionalism of absolute excellence and latest generation equipment.

A permanent solution with Turkish doctors at our Clinic in Albania

A permanent solution with Turkish doctors at Plastic Surgery Clinic in Albania.

Baldness affects an increasing number of men and women every year and when it becomes definitive, or when the follicle is now in a state of total inactivity, it can only be done in two ways: with thickening through prostheses or transplantation.

Often those who undergo a transplant do so to rediscover the freedom that a prosthesis, however latest generation, cannot give you.

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In fact, hair transplantation represents the only valid solution to the problem of baldness that allows you to thicken the area affected by thinning with your own hair, obtaining an absolutely natural and reliable result, which does not limit you over time and does not require maintenance.

How does it work the process of booking a trichological holiday. Hair Transplant in our Clinic in Tirana

Today, hair transplantation is one of the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures by men and women. In recent years it has been improved more and more and is now carried out in complete tranquility and with excellent results, not comparable to those of some time ago.

The technique used in our structure is the best available, as well as the most practiced in Italy among the surgical thickening, or rather the Mono bulbar Homotransplant.

It is a self-transplant procedure that involves taking follicular units from the nape of the neck - with the FUT or FUE technique - to transplant them into the bald area or where the thinning is concentrated. The hair transplanted to the new location, coming from areas not subject to androgenetic alopecia, will not fall out in the future.

The transplant is not a painful operation and is performed under local anesthesia, with an anesthetic similar to the one commonly used by the dentist.

Just send the photos to have a first evaluation

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Hair Tourism in Albania. Hair transplant. Da Vinci Clinic TIRANA

What are the costs and prices of a trip for trichological tourism in Albania

A hair transplant in Tirana costs less than 50% of the same treatment received in a large city in the European Union

Clinica Da Vinci completely organizes your stay. Transport, accommodation and all medical checks.

 Trichological tourism, trip to Albania for hair transplantation.

Trichology deals with problems and diseases of the hair and scalp, care and specific treatments for hair loss.

To be successful in trichological treatment it is crucial to have a global approach to the problem, from a precise diagnosis and a total check-up of the health of the hair and scalp

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