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Dental tourism in Albania. Dental implants. Dental center Albania Dent. UFO Dental Clinic

Dental tourism in Albania. UFO Dental Tirana Dental Center. 

Dental tourism in Albania is always in great expansion. The number of tourists seeking dentists and dental care in Albania is increasing day by day.

Tirana, the capital city, is slowly becoming a favorite destination for travelers. This is because Tirana offers unique experiences and many reasons to visit it. The times are relatively short, for complex cases the intervention times last a week or less.

Tirana Albania

Tirana, the capital of Albania is the largest cultural center in Albania.

The UFO Dental of Albania Dent dental center is located right in the center of the city of Tirana capital of Albania in Via Rruga e Kavajes at the Skanderberg square. We invite you to get to know our beautiful city and take advantage of all the possibilities offered by dental tourism in Tirana. Tirana is very easy to visit both on foot and by public transport.

Tirana, capital of Albania is the largest cultural center of Albania. A city full of attractions and points of interest. There are several institutions in the city that traditionally have great prestige. the Albanian National Historical Museum which is located in Skanderberg square, the main square of the city a stone's throw from our clinic. This museum is also known for the typical mural that tells some of the most important facts of Albanian history. Also in the historic center, a few steps from Skanderberg square, you can find the famous Ethem Bey Mosque or the National Art Gallery.

We recommend that in the free time you will have during your stay in our dental center to discover all the beauties of our city, visit Mount Dajti . You can get to the top in just 15 minutes via a cable car.

Mount Dajti

The landscape that you will be able to see during your comfortable cable car climb is of indescribable beauty and also the panorama you will admire once you reach the top will be a unique experience. You can choose to visit other museums, and there are so many, such as the Archaeological Museum , the Museum of Natural Sciences or the Mezuraj Museum , or dive again into the history of Tirana and Albania by visiting Durrës , a Marian city. a few kilometers from Tirana where you can admire the largest Roman amphitheater in the Balkans and the beautiful beaches on the Adriatic Sea .

The locals are surprisingly friendly, you will have no problems with the language, if you do not know English, no problem, in Tirana many people speak or understand Italian, so you will never have problems making yourself understood.

You will be able to observe an incredibly colorful city, you will often find buildings colored with the colors of the rainbow, you can relax at the Grand Park of Tirana, which is a favorite destination for locals, it will be an excellent opportunity to meet locals or, simply, to walk in the middle of nature.

Kruja, a rich city of historical and cultural monuments, was inhabited by the ancient  Illyrian tribe  of the Albans. In 1190 it became the capital of the first Albanian state in the Middle Ages, the  Principality of Arbër . Later it was the capital of the Kingdom of Albania, while at the beginning of  15th century  it was conquered by the Ottoman Empire , but then reconquered in  1443  from  Skanderbeg , leader of the  League of Alexis , who successfully defended it against three Ottoman sieges until his death in  1468 .

(Kalaja and Krujes) The castle of Croia, located in the Albanian city of the same name, was built in the 4th and 5th centuries AD on the remains of a previous Illyrian settlement from the 3rd century BC

Kruja Castle

How does the dental care abroad and dental tourism in Albania work?

Here is what you need to do to carry out all dental care at UFO Dental Clinic in Albania - Ask for a quote by sending us the panoramic radiograph

Request for a quote, acceptance and appointment with the clinic

Once you have decided to carry out a dental treatment in Albania , you will have to ask for a dental quote to know in detail the services and prices offered by our dental clinics in Albania. By filling in the appropriate form and attaching a panoramic radiograph of the dental arches in digital version with the description of the problems. The panoramic x-ray should be obtained at an x-ray center in your area (no prescription is required). It is advisable to take a digital photo of your X-ray on a white background and to avoid using a scanner. The quote from the dentist is free .

The radiography  overview is absolutely necessary to have a detailed estimate, however certain problems such as small cavities or gingivitis were diagnosed clinically in the first preliminary visit taken by our office. After examining your request, the dentists of Albania Den t will send you a quote by e-mail that will report all the proposed material treatments and the brands of any products used in particular in the case of dental implants , as well as the fees corresponding to each phase of the treatment . The expenses for the stay are free. Sometimes it will happen that you will receive multiple quotes from different associated clinics, you can choose the one that is best suited to your needs and your budget. UFO Dental Clinic makes every effort to respond quickly to all e-mails that reach us.

Panoramic X-ray

From the moment we have received the panoramic X-ray and the description of the problems within a few hours (maximum 3 working days) you will receive a detailed estimate with the treatment plan due to your case.

Organization of travel and stay in Albania

You can reach Albania by plane or ferry, you don't need a visa, you just need a valid identity card.

Reaching Albania by PLANE Obviously it is the most comfortable, fastest and cheapest way. The companies that fly from the main cities of Europe to Albania are many.

As soon as you arrive in Albania by plane in Tirana or by ferry to Vlore or Durres you will be welcomed by our guide who will accompany you to the office and help you complete the administrative formalities.

You will be able to sign your treatment plan and start treatment with complete peace of mind.

If necessary, you can always ask for translation or interpretation in Italian in order to understand everything that happens and constantly have full control of your treatment.

Dental tourists in Albania

After the dental treatment you will be given a folder with all the information and documentation relating to your treatments. In this folder you will also find the guarantees valid for the treatments you have sustained. You will always be accompanied by our guide to the Tirana airport or to the port of Vlora or Durres.

The ancient city of Apollonia-Albania.jpg

Apollonia is an ancient city in Illyria, located on the right bank of the River Voiussa. Its ruins are located in the Fier district, near the village of Pojani. Apollonia was founded in 588 BC, in a place occupied by Illyrian tribes.

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