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Breast cosmetic surgery in Albania. Breast augmentation, Mastopexy Breast lift

Breast cosmetic surgery

Breast cosmetic surgery. The aesthetic defects of the breast and the best interventions to eliminate them. Mammoplasty, mastopexy, breast prosthesis

Breast cosmetic surgery is a major branch of theCosmetic surgery of the body and women's cosmetic surgery in particular.

Many women in the world dream of using cosmetic breast surgery to have aperfect breasts.

It is very important that in interventions of this type, take into account the respect of proportions and one's own physicality. You have to respect theharmony of your body, the proportion of the face and body.

Every woman has unique characteristics that must be considered and respected

It is one of the increasingly requested interventions among women aged between 20 and 40 years,

Breast cosmetic surgery aimed at modifying and improving the harmony of shapes and various types of blemishes 

Breast augmentation

 Too small breasts that are not sufficiently developed. Women to increase the volume of the breast through the intervention of theCosmetic Surgery they can get good aesthetically pleasing and natural result at a good price offered by the aesthetic clinicof Albania Doctor which prove the intervention of thebreast augmentation by inserting breast implants or other less invasive procedures. For contained and very natural breasts to increase the maximum volume of a size and a half Albania Doctor proposes the Mini mammoplasty

Reduction mammoplasty

Excessively large breasts can be corrected with  Reduction mastoplasty.,

Breast lipofilling

Another less invasive intervention that can be used to increase the breast through the infiltration of autologous fat calledBreast lipofilling if the patient has areas of the body with adipose tissue, from which to take the fat

Mastopexy Breast lift

THE sagging breasts, emptied, too relaxed, ill-formed asymmetrical breasts, you can resort toBreast Lift or Mastopexy which may also include the insertion of breast implants.

Breast implant replacement

Breast implants of the latest generation last a lifetime. In rare cases of rupture or an aesthetic worsening of the breast it is necessary to perform a prosthesis replacement. It is a very simple, minimally invasive procedure with very fast recovery times.

Albania Doctor proposes to his patients to avoid prosthetics too big which could cause problems in the long run

Breast augmentation
Reduction mammaplasty
Breast lipofilling
Breast implants

Other associated interventions

All speeches byAesthetic surgery of the breast can be associated with another intervention of theplastic surgery. The most frequent combinations are with the rhinoplasty  or nose reshaping, face lift,  thereblepharoplastyeyelid remodeling andliposuction. In this last case it is possible to reuse part of the fat aspirated from the thighs, hips or knees to further improve the result of an augmentation mammoplasty.

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