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Aesthetic surgery of the face and neck. Plastic surgery in Albania

Albania Doctortake care of the beauty and youth of your face through a treatment offace liftlatest generation a revolutionary method ofCosmetic Surgerymodern face rejuvenation with less aggressive procedures that guarantee excellent long-term results.

What is face lift. How is facial rejuvenation done? How much does face lift cost in Albania.

Face Liftingis a type of surgery that corrects the signs of skin aging on the face and neck by eliminating excess skin and fat andwrinklesand facial folds, repositioning the fat where it was missing and re-tensioning the muscles that have relaxed. The face thus returns to have a fresh and more youthful appearance

What is face lift?

The face lift is an operation of theplastic surgerywhich consists in restoring harmony and improving the appearance of the face to counteract the signs of aging andof ageing.Skinover the years it loses its elasticity and tends to thin and move downwards, especially the cheek area, which loses its tone and elasticity, particularly the area most affected by aging is the eye contour, mouth contour, chin and under the chin which accumulate fat.

The face liftcorrects the signs of skin aging on the face and neck, restoring youth. The neck lift, also called cervical lift, involves the entire neck by counteracting excess skin and fat, restoring a fresh and youthful appearance to the face.

The intervention ofneck liftit decisively acts on the excess of adipose tissue, carrying out a real liposuction of the sub-mental region.

Face Lift in Albania

To solve practically any type of aesthetic problem related to the physiological aging of facial tissues such asthe loss of collagen in the skin, and the decrease in its general quality creates wrinkles, increased fat deposits in the chin and neck areas.

The face liftit is a very safe operation and it is the only effective weapon to bring the skin and muscles of the face back to a harmonious condition, without distorting the features, practicallypainlessit's a lotlasting over time.

How to perform facelift surgery for facial rejuvenation

The face liftand a type of intervention that acts onelimination of wrinklesand facial folds according to the types of wrinkles different types of procedures are performed. Partial facelifts can be performedmini faceliftor more complex interventions for times and areas to be treated such asneck and face lift, can be combined with each other. In many cases, to get atotal face lift, can be combined with other types ofplastic surgery, For examplethe blepharoplastyor thelipofillingor onelipostructureof the submental and of theneck, grafting fat taken from other areas of the body through a smallliposuction. After being purified through the passage in a specific centrifuge, the fat is precisely injected with micro-cannulas.

The fat is injected in a precise and uniform manner with micro cannulas, after being purified and made compact through the passage in a specific centrifuge.

face lift surgeryit starts from the temple region, descends in front of and behind the ear and then turns back and ends in the hair on the nape of the neck. Thus solving the fall of the superficial tissues of the face and neck by acting not only on the removal of excess skin but also on the underlying aponeurotic muscle tissues.Skinreleased in this way it is then repositioned, removing the excess one, and at the same time treating the deep muscular plane. If necessary, a small incision can also be made under the chin which allows for the removal of excess fat and the smoothing out of vertical bands caused by the neck muscles.

The facelift surgery is performed inlocal anesthesiaAndsedationand in regime ofDay hospitalor with a night of hospitalization.

Lifting to the face without surgery

Face liftwithout resorting to asurgerysuch as the frontal temporomandibular lifting, eyebrow lifting, are performed with non-invasive procedures such as fillers, batulinum toxin.

The pulling threadsI am able to achieve a very rewarding result without a very challenging non-invasive treatment. They are inserted with a needle and do not require any hospitalization, anesthesia or postoperative. Many times, well-kept people, regardless of biological age, have very elastic and luminous skin in these cases a less invasive intervention is able to obtain very brilliant results

Face lift for facial rejuvenation

Is facelift surgery painful?

No,the facelift surgery is performed under local or general anaesthesia, and therefore it is not even perceived by the patient.

Painafter surgery it is modest, almost absent and can be controlled with common painkillers. Any drainage will be removed after 24-48 hours, in the first few days a slight sensation of heaviness of the face and skin tightness may persist, which will in any case subside within a short time

The first week there is some swelling, which generally disappears after 10-15 days.

The return to a normal relationship life takes about 2 weeks. Avoid sporting activity for at least 3 weeks and direct exposure to the sun or intense heat (eg sauna) or tanning beds for at least 3 months.

How much does a face lift surgery cost in Albania?

The price of a face liftmay vary depending on the extent of the surgery and the associated procedures. In fact, the total face lift consists of several cosmetic surgery operations. However, you can go from a value of 7 thousand euros upwards.The average costin Italy for an operation that lasts about 2/3 hours in day hospital it fluctuates between €10,000 and €12,000, while the average cost for a longer operation of about 4/5 hours with one or two nights of hospitalization fluctuates between €12,000 and €17,000.

InAlbaniainstead acomplete face lift costs 4500 euros

Face lift surgery in Albania

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