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Cosmetic dentistry. Dental whitening. Dental prostheses, dental crowns, dental veneers. 

Cosmetic dentistry treatments aimed at aesthetic improvement. Professional and home dental whitening

Aesthetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry that consists in the aesthetic improvement of the teeth and smile. Thanks to state-of-the-art materials and modern technologies, the aesthetic dentistry professionals of Albania Dent are able to make stained, crooked, decayed or chipped teeth natural.

 The smile often represents a person's business card and a captivating smile also decisively influences self-confidence.

In addition to the functional result of a surgical or prosthetic intervention, our patients also ask us for a beautiful and natural result.

Today a healthy, beautiful and bright smile is important for the health of our teeth but also for the care of one's image and in social relationships, both at work, where the smile projects a winning and successful image.

UFO Dental Clinic specializes in the treatments necessary to improve the aesthetic appearance of the smile and in the treatment of anomalies that make it unaesthetic.

Cosmetic dentistry Albania Dent

The main aesthetic treatments adopted by UFO dental clinic of Albania Dent in Tirana 

Ufo Dental Clinic of Albania Dent adopts different techniques to give white and shiny smiles to our patients. The rehabilitation methods are as diverse as the possibilities of reconstruction and regeneration and that technology helps us to obtain truly amazing results.

Professional and home dental whitening

Dental whitening is a treatment that is used to restore the natural color of teeth that are stained due to the consumption of coffee, wine and smoke, giving them more shine and brightness. Dentists from Albania Dent monitor all steps to allow for adjustment of the whitening agent levels. The whitening is carried out thanks to powerful whitening agents able to discolour both the color of the enamel and that of the dentin. When the teeth are perfectly white, the smile is impressive. But it is very difficult to keep your teeth beautiful and flawless throughout your life and to get rid of dark and unsightly stains.

Today it is one of the most requested aesthetic treatments and can be performed by the dentist with different techniques, depending on the patient, guaranteeing an excellent result in one or two sessions at the most.

Professional teeth whitening

​Any dental whitening is not definitive and must generally be repeated after two years; furthermore, they are not recommended treatments for everyone, and for this reason it is important to consult our dentists in Albanif Dent in Albania before proceeding to do so.

Thanks to the latest generation technologies, today it is possible to whiten your teeth for a perfect smile in just 45 minutes with a safe and painless procedure, obtaining teeth that are 2-3 shades lighter.

Teeth whitening at UFO dental clinic , our experts use Opalescente ™ Boost 40% - whitening gel with 40% hydrogen peroxide which is activated with the special activator added with sodium fluoride and potassium nitrate which, like and It has been shown to reduce susceptibility to caries and sensitivity and also improve the micro-hardness of the enamel.

Before applying the gel, the teeth are cleaned and the soft tissue protected with OpalDam, a photo-curable and photo-reflective passive adhesive resin. The Opalescente ™ Boost gel, 40% hydrogen peroxide is then applied. The procedure involves 2-3 applications 15 minutes each and is performed during a single visit. After completing the whitening it is necessary to clean the teeth well and to fluoridate them.

teeth whitening with laser

10% or 20% carbamide peroxide is used to whiten your teeth at home . It would be necessary to take the cast beforehand to make an individual template. The application instructions are also delivered with the mask and the whitening gel.

It is also possible to whiten devitalized or endodontically treated teeth always with Opalescence ™ Boost 40%. The gel is applied inside the dental cavity and left to act for a few minutes. After completing the whitening it is necessary to clean the tooth well and check the tonality obtained.

In case of sensitivity to the teeth after whitening we recommend the use of products based on Potassium Nitrate type UltraEZ.

By following the indications of the doctors of the dental center of Albania Dent and maintaining careful oral hygiene, excellent and long-lasting results can be achieved and maintained.

  • To get a healthy mouth and a brilliant smile through professional cleaning, teeth, tartar removal​ and subgingival curettage.

Dental prostheses, ceramic or zirconium dental crown

Dental prostheses such as are used in cosmetic dentistry to replace one or more missing teeth, and give the smile a natural appearance. 

Dental crowns are used to cover a damaged tooth and give it a natural appearance.

Albania Denta uses modern technologies and materials of the highest quality, most are made with ceramic or zirconium materials capable of allowing excellent aesthetic results similar and superimposable to the elements.

Dental prostheses, dental crown

Lumineers Aesthetic Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are used to hide chipped or stained teeth and are ceramic shells that are glued to the front of the teeth to mask imperfections associated with their color, shape, size or position.

The composite restoration this procedure is a valid alternative to veneers and consists in cementing a resin on the tooth with a certain wavelength.

Lumineers Aesthetic Dental Veneers

The UFO Dental clinic of Albania Dent uses the most modern materials, such as all- ceramic for a better passage of light and therefore a much more natural final result. Furthermore, thanks to new aesthetic evaluation techniques, photographic analysis, waxing on a plaster model and mock-up simulation templates, it is possible to program and view the final result directly in the patient's mouth.

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