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Aesthetic surgery of the face and neck. Plastic surgery in Albania

Cosmetic surgery operations allow you to eliminate most of the blemishes, improve the morphology and harmony of the face. The results offered by facial plastic surgery are not only very precise, but also permanent. This type of interventions are performed by the maxillofacial surgeon specialized in the treatments of the face and neck, in particular of soft tissues and bones.

It is not just a question of eliminating a blemish, but of being able to improve the aesthetics of the face as it is the area of the body that is most interesting from the point of view of social communication

There are different types of facial blemishes that can be of origin:

Congenital, genetically determined morphological characteristics such as protruding ears or aquiline nose

Acquired, cosmetic defects that form with normal aging such as facial relaxation or peri-orbicular bursae.

Traumatic, such as deviation of the nasal pyramid

Pathological, blemishes that form as a side effect of a disease such as acne scars.

Aesthetic surgery of the face and neck.png

The cosmetic surgery of the face and neck that are performed in the plastic surgery clinic in Tirana​

The most common interventions that are performed in the headquarters of the cosmetic surgery department in Tirana in order to modify and improve the harmony, balance and luminosity of the face in full respect of naturalness and proportions are: Rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, face lifting, lipostructure of the face (lipofilling), otoplasty, mentoplasty, cheiloplasty lifting the neck, malaroplasty etc.  

Rhinoplasty Aesthetic and functional surgery of the nose.

Rhinoplasty is an operation that  allows you to achieve a harmonious profile and at the same time improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose and respiratory function, in order to reduce the related symptoms to disorders such as snoring, sleep apnea and nasal obstruction.

When we talk about rhinoplasty we refer to a series of surgical manipulations of the nose, which will modify it, partially or totally, in its aesthetic but also functional aspect.

Rhinoplasty Aesthetic and functional surgery of the nose.png

Blepharoplasty.  Aesthetic eye surgery

Blepharoplasty also known as cosmetic eyelid surgery.  Aesthetic eye surgery allows the correction and modernization of the eyelids or to remove fat under the eyes, eye bags,  allowing not only to improve their position which could be due to the natural passage of time, the blemish, typical of aging, notices signs of skin sagging and eyelid tissue fatigue.

Blepharoplasty surgery consists in the removal of excess skin and subcutaneous fat from the eyelids which creates those unsightly swellings of the eyelids, thus completely reconfiguring the person's gaze. This operation can concern both the upper and lower eyelids.

The goal of blepharoplastyis to restore the beauty and freshness of the gaze to the eye, thus creating a pleasant harmony of the eyelid-eyebrow complex and a younger look, which is essential for the person's self-esteem and serenity in relationships with others. of blepharoplasty is performed in day hospital under local anesthesia, with sedo-analgesia, or under general anesthesia, with the possibility of being discharged the same day

Intervention -


Treatment Types of Blepharoplasty

  • upper blepharoplasty when acting on the upper eyelids only

  • lower blepharoplasty when acting on the lower eyelids only. A very particular and specific technique of lower blepharoplasty is transconjunctival blepharoplasty.

  • complete blepharoplasty when acting on both eyelids

The face lift. Facial rejuvenation cosmetic surgery

face lift Plastic surgery facial rejuvenation allows you to reshape the contours of the face and give the person a younger look without changing their natural physiognomy. It is performed through minimally invasive surgical accesses.

What is face lift

The face liftis a plastic surgery technique whose main objective is to restore harmony and improve the appearance of the face, eliminate excess skin, reposition muscles and tissues, raise any facial element that has slipped down due to gravity

The face lifting is one of the major, radical and long-lasting surgical treatments, to contrast  the signs of time and aging.

The face liftin our cosmetic surgery clinic in Tirana it is performed using local anesthesia and sedation in order to eliminate the anxiety of the operation itself. Depending on the area to be treated, the facelift is performed with various techniques which however necessarily involve thin cuts and incisions. The lifting operation generally lasts 2 – 3 hours, it is performed using local anesthesia and sedation and in Day Hospital regimen or with an overnight stay. Usually, to restore the necessary fullness to the face, this type of surgery is frequently associated with blepharoplasty or eyelid lifting and laser resurfacing.

Face lift

At the end of the surgical procedure, a compressive bandage is used until the following day, when the patient can take a shower and cover the surgical wounds and any bruises with tinted primer.

Facial lipostructure. Fat transplant for facial rejuvenation

Lipofilling, autotransplantation of adipose tissue, lipostructure is an aesthetic  surgical_surgical technique which consists in taking fat from certain areas of the body where it is naturally present in greater quantities such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, and its transfer, after adequate treatment, frequently to the face.

The lipostructure of the face to correct facial aging has as its fundamental aspect, not only the yielding of the soft tissues, the relaxation, also called ptosis of the soft tissues but in particular the so-called redistribution of the adipose tissues. Facial lipofilling therefore represents a valid ally in the natural and harmonious rejuvenation of the face and eye area.

Autotransplantation of cells creates a process of cell regeneration. The transferred fat allows volumes to be restored to the areas of the face where they have been lost with aging and furthermore the large content of stem cells present in the adipose tissue has a tissue regeneration effect and this gives new life and shine to the skin and the subcutaneous of the face.

Facial lipostructure

The duration of the treatmentof a lipofilling operation is usually between thirty minutes and one hour, depending on the extent and number of areas to be treated. The surgery is not painful. The surgical procedure ends with an elastic-compressive bandage in the donor sites to reduce any hematoma or edema in the immediate post-operative period.

Otoplasty. Cosmetic surgery of the ears.

Otoplasty Cosmetic Surgery to reshape the ears is a minimally invasive plastic surgery with the aim of reshaping and correcting the ears, defects present from birth or post-traumatic, ears too small or too large, wide lobe or long and results of demolition interventions, both in terms of shape and size.

The otoplasty operation can be performed under local anesthesia, with or without sedation and lasts one hour or one and a half hours.

The surgery consists in repositioning and reshaping the ears, removing a small part of skin from the back of the auricle and in the subsequent reshaping and repositioning of the ear cartilage.

The scar present in the post-surgery will be practically invisible, because it is located behind the ear.

At the end of the operation a dressing is made capable of compressing the ears towards the head, the ears must be protected by gauze, cotton and a soft circumferential bandage to be kept for four to five days. Subsequently a second dressing will be applied, while after 10 days the stitches will be removed, from now on they can remain uncovered during the day avoiding direct exposure to the sun


Lip augmentation. Lip rejuvenation cosmetic surgery

Lip lifting cheiloplasty, the filler is one of the most popular methods for lip augmentation which consists in the infiltration of hyaluronic acid to obtain greater volume, have fuller lips and define the contours of the lips by increasing the height of the lips by a few millimeters. red part of the lips.

Lip rejuvenation.

The Lip Lifting procedure lasts about 1 hour, it is performed by submucous injection or infiltration with a very fine needle or a micro-cannula. The surgery is performed under anesthesia making the procedure painless and decreasing the risk of bruising and swelling.

The recovery of hydration and fullness of the lips it is possible to emphasize the fullness of the lips in a natural way, giving greater luminosity.ity with a new hyaluronic acid gel that defines the contour of the lips without inducing a significant increase in volume, with results lasting an average of six months. The gel contains anesthetic lidocaine 3mg/ml to reduce the discomfort of injections.

Labra augmentation

Mentoplasty. Cosmetic surgery of the chin

Cosmetic surgery of the chin, mentoplasty is the surgical operation which consists in remodeling the shape of the chin by increasing or reducing it, in case of poor protrusion or true augmentation mentoplasty or pronounced chin in this case it is reduction mentoplasty..
Mentoplasty, like any other plastic surgery operation, can be performed both for functional reasons, following accidents or genetic malformations, or for aesthetic reasons (aesthetic mentoplasty).
In the latter case, mentoplasty surgery aims to change the shape of the chin to give a new harmony to the face, in line with the patient's psychological predisposition.


Neck lift. Neck relaxation. Cosmetic surgery of the neck

The surgery ofneck liftit is not very invasive, it is performed in day-hospital.  The operation is performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis and lasts about 40 minutes to an hour. During the operation, the skin on the neck is stretched towards the base of the ear, where the stitches will be placed

Does not result in significant scarring in case ofliposuction. In the case of more extensive defects, it is also necessary to associate the incisions at the ear to free up the entire neck region even more widely and possibly to associate the removal of the excess skin present.

The results of the surgery are permanent and very satisfying.

The facelift naturally refreshes the neck, eliminates roughness and a double chin.

A second and viable option to rejuvenate the colo is liposuction

This intervention brings an immediate modeling that allows the aspiration of the excess fat, present in the neck, in the submental region, when an accumulation of fat is present and visible under the chin.

Neck lift

Thereliposuctionaround the neck it is extremely valid in a young age group as the skin is still very elastic.

Malaroplasty. Cosmetic surgery of the cheekbones. Cheekbone augmentation

The malaroplasty is the surgical intervention that allows to increase and redefine the cheekbones through lipofilling or definitive prostheses. Improving the projection of the cheekbones restores fullness and luminosity to the patients face.

The operation is performed in the cosmetic surgery department of our clinic in Tirana, under local anesthesia and lasts about an hour, it is a relatively simple and immediately effective procedure.

His goal is to make the appearance of the cheekbones harmonious with the other structures of the face, with age, gender and with the requests of each individual patient.

During the visit, a latest generation digital software is also used which, after uploading a photo of the patient's face, simulates the obtainable result.

The operation is performed by our surgeons specialized in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery within our well-equipped medical facility, with the specific preparation measures and conditions of high safety.

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