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Classical orthodontics. Invisalign, Brachets. Appliances  fixed and orthopedic. Aesthetic orthodontics

Orthodontics Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of craniofacial dental and skeletal anomalies

Having beautiful teeth and a beautiful smile is the dream of many. In fact, it allows you to feel safer in social relationships and to appear well-groomed and healthy. Crooked teeth are a common problem that affects many people and can cause discomfort and insecurity

Orthodontics - Albania Dent Clinic UFO Tirana

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that studies and corrects craniofacial dental and skeletal anomalies , which depend on various factors that can be hereditary, from premature loss of milk teeth or permanent teeth

The goal of orthodontics is to restore facial harmony, the relationship between the arches to create a correct chewing function, to create a beautiful smile by alienating dental elements.

Some of the dental skeletal abnormalities such as crossbite , skeletal class III, open bite etc. they must be treated from a young age otherwise it may be impossible to treat them later only with orthodontic treatment. Some other orthodontic abnormalities, mainly dental abnormalities,  they can be corrected even in adulthood.

There are no age limits to undergo orthodontic treatment.

First visit to the orthodontist . Parents should be careful and send their children to visit an orthodontist from the eruption of the first permanent molar at the age of six.

Treatment time

Orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances lasts 8-24 months depending on the anomaly and the appliance used, the trend of the dentition, the general development and the collaboration of the patient.

There is no pain during the orthodontic treatment, just a short period of discomfort from light pressure on the teeth (one week) until they are fully seated with the orthodontic appliance. A pain reliever such as acetaminophen is rarely needed.

Classical orthodontics. Alignment of crooked teeth.  Orthodontic appliance

Depending on the type of anomaly and the desired result, orthodontics can be mobile , with removable appliances , or fixed orthodontics , with fixed appliances.

The continuation of the therapy with respect to the predicted time should be taken into consideration due to the multiplicity of factors independent from the operator, which can cause delays in the end of the therapy. The collaboration of the patient is important.

Fixed orthodontics multibrackets consists of plates, also called brackets glued to the teeth with a technique that respects the integrity of the tissues. Brackets are usually made of metal or ceramic in the color of the teeth.

Brackets Metal brackets

metal brackets Orthodontics Albania Dent

Metal braces consist of small metal brackets that are attached directly to the teeth, in combination with an arch that connects all brackets. Attacks can be twin attacks  that require colored, silver or transparent elastic modules for fixing the arch, or self- ligating attachments. While the attachments of both styles may look the same, each attachment is individually designed for a particular tooth with specific design features, or prescription, for that tooth. The arches we use in UFO Dental Clinic are made with the latest technology materials with properties that make orthodontic treatment as comfortable as possible. The brackets we use are also of the latest technology and design, including the option of titanium brackets for patients with sensitivity to metal usually nickel in stainless steel.

Brackets Self-ligating brackets

The technology of orthodontic appliances has evolved, particularly in the last decade and probably the state-of-the-art self-ligating orthodontic appliance is the Damon system. This technique has the benefits of efficient, frictionless orthodontic movement, extended appointment intervals that reduce the frequency of orthodontic adjustments, and development of dental arches compatible with facial anatomy to produce beautiful, radiant smiles. At UFO Dental Clinic we offer the option of self-ligating braces, including Damon Clear braces in tooth color. Not only is this technique a feature within our practice, but we teach the technique to postgraduate students in orthodontics in the Postgraduate program  in orthodontics at Albanian University .

Brackets Self-ligating brackets - Orthodontics

Fixed appliances for aesthetic orthodontics

These devices are made up of transparent ceramic attachments and invisible threads for the first few months; metallic threads are used in consecutive months. Provides effective orthodontic treatment in teens and adults if they want an invisible orthodontic appliance .

Lingual appliance Orthodontics
Lingual braces

For patients who need braces to solve their orthodontic problem but want the braces to be completely invisible. At UFO Denta Clinic we can offer the option of lingual braces that are mounted on the inner or lingual surface of the teeth. We use Harmony System Lingual Braces that are tailor-made for precise fit and positioning on each tooth and are self-ligating braces for efficient tooth movement to ensure optimal treatment results in minimal treatment time.

Orthopedic appliances

At the UFO Dental Clinic  we plan treatment to ensure that facial aesthetics , harmony and balance are maintained or enhanced as an important treatment priority, as well as straight teeth and a beautiful smile . We carefully evaluate the entire face and profile in our treatment planning process and the expected outcome of the treatment. Airways and even allergies and sleep patterns are important treatment planning considerations that may require management. These treatment goals can in most cases be achieved through orthodontics or tooth movement. In some cases, however, jaw growth or coordination is changed with the use of orthopedic appliances that are used in conjunction with orthopedic appliances. The orthopedic appliances we use at UFO Dental Clinic  they are designed and made to measure for comfort and normal function smiling, talking, chewing during treatment. By considering the entire face and airways, not just the mouth, we can include orthopedic appliances when indicated to correct jaw and bite discrepancies rather than adjusting the position of the teeth to a pretreatment discrepancy.

Orthopedic Appliances Orthodontics Albania

Space maintainers. Orthopedic expansion with mini orthodontic implants

Space maintainers Orthodontics Albania
mini orthodontic implants Albania Dent

Space maintainers are used to preserve or maintain space in the dental arch for the subsequent eruption of permanent teeth. The most common indication for a space maintainer is the premature loss of a deciduous (milk) tooth usually due to tooth decay or partial impact of a permanent molar. Space maintainers are passive appliances , attached to one or two stable teeth and usually removed when the intended permanent tooth or teeth erupt into the arch.

Rapid jaw expansion ( RME ) is an orthopedic treatment frequently used to correct transverse problems in the jaw. Mini implants, as a skeletal anchor in rapid maxillary appliances, are a good alternative to obtain an increase in the transverse skeletal and dental dimensions with a minimum of side effects.

Invisalign, invisible orthodontics

Invisible orthodontic appliances . To meet the social needs of adults and the growing demands for aesthetics, equipment with a low aesthetic impact such as ceramic brackets or invisible aligners are available. The former resemble metal brackets but are translucent in color and in ceramic material. The latter, on the other hand, are represented by a sequence of invisible movable masks that, fitted on the teeth and worn for a variable period of time depending on the case, gradually allow the teeth to align themselves.

Invisalign is a transparent dental appliance that allows you to align crooked teeth in a short time, without compromising the aesthetics of the mouth during the treatment. It is part of the interventions of the so-called invisible orthodontics , a dental branch specializing in the production of discrete dental equipment that is not noticed by an external observer.

Invisalign invisible orthodontics

This modern technique uses clear plastic masks , called aligners, which are replaced every two weeks. Based on the complexities of the patient's situation, the dentist determines the number of aligners to use to achieve the desired result.

Invisalign is considered a good dental appliance for adults because it allows you to correct imperfections, without using wires and metal attachments in the mouth, which can cause discomfort and embarrassment.

The duration of Invisalign therapy depends on the number of masks the patient has to wear to achieve the goal. Usually, 12 to 30 templates are used per arch, to obtain appreciable results. However, this number can increase in the case of complex situations.


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